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A conquered Earth

InvaderZim.TV Update Log

5-18-06 All episode reviews for unpublished episodes are done, all quote script pages are done, all the episode images are posted. Whoo!!!!!
5-2-06 All quotes and reviews are done - 6 episodes still need pics (22 faces and about 50 icons). Added memory game, Nanochase, Insanitation, several restaurant pages, the alien races page, several Irken empire pages and am starting to add crosslinks.
4-7-06 Quotes and character lists are done through Abducted, episode pictures are done through FBI Warning of Doom. Put up the Krazy Taco commercial page, the 3 TV show pages, all the events and group pages and added several themes to the other downloads page.
3-5-06 Finally fixed the character lookup per episode and the episode per character PHP scripts, the quotes per character script and added a bunch of links which don't go anywhere.
2-26-06 Posted a few new reviews - all episodes are done through 5A. Also posted more quotes to the quote script - now done through 6A. Still about 40 to go though. Finally fixed the poll script though so you can now vote for episodes even if I haven't reviewed them yet. Hope to fix the character and quote lookup scripts this week and post a few more reviews.
2-19-06 Haven't had too much time to work on the site last week or two but I did put up a review for Dark Harvest over the weekend.
2-12-06 Spent massive amounts of time trying to get an icon to appear in the drop down menu - managed to get it to work and decided I didn't like how it looked. Oh, well...what price progress.

2-9-06 The content...it fills me...it is neat! Episode reviews are up for the first 6 normal eps (only 41 left!) and quotes from these 6 episodes appear in the random quote script below. The planets, foodening and poop cola pages have been added and one Cameo has been added (from episode 6). Best yet I finally figured out the syntax for PHP if-then loops which will make further updates much easier. I hope to make PHP launch pages for the Cameos, errata and allusions areas, write the 2 character lookup scripts and fill out the credits area some time this weekend.
2-6-06 Update I have finished reviews for the first few episodes and wrote the errata and Cameo pages for episode 1, but most of the rest of the site is still empty.

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