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The Skool

The Skool

The Skool is the information center that Zim chooses to exploit. It's also where he runs into Dib, so maybe that wasn't a great idea.

There are many locations in and around the Skool that are shown in Invader Zim, including the playground, the cafeteria and Ms. Bitters' classroom. Because the Skool is used frequently as a setting, we get to see quite a bit of it in Invader Zim - and not just the normal parts. In Lice we get to see the cavernous grottoes that lie under the Skool building, in Dark Harvest we get to see Zim make use of the ventilation system to move unnoticed throughout the hallways on his nefarious evil trips, and in Bolognius Maximus we get to see the Men's room which was just used by Willy.

The Playground The Playground is the realm of Coach Walrus and it is home to tetherball, water fights and other scholarly pursuits. In one instance we get to see the playground used for bludgeonball, a fun and delightful game which is similar to dodgeball but with more violence and pain. It builds character!

Coach Walrus

Ms. Bitters

The classrooms are the realm of the teachers - Ms. Bitters and Mr. Elliot. We rarely see Mr. Elliot (he's Gaz's teacher) but we see Ms. Bitters quite frequently as she teaches the class with Zim and Dib.

The classrooms themselves are nondescript - occasionally you'll see something interesting like a class pet but frequently they're simply skoolrooms. It's reputed that the underground classrooms that Ms. Bitters frequently banishes children to don't actually exist and that the children are in fact being sent into a horrible and painful exile.

The Classroom
Skool Cafeteria The Skool Cafeteria is also frequently used as a setting in Invader Zim - mainly because Zim has a violent aversion to human food. The most interesting thing in the cafeteria is usually the students - you get to see students from other classes when cafeteria scenes are animated whereas you usually only get to see people from Zim and Dib's class.

Skool Admin Droid

The Skool is run by a shady Principal who has an odd pet which itself has an odd pet. The Principal and his minions, the Skool board, rule the Skool with iron fists and do not allow dissention. The will of the Principal is enforced by Skool Administration droids like the one at left.

The students are represented by a class President, but as soon as the class President is elected s/he is brainwashed to become an acceptable puppet for the administrators.


The Skool Principal

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