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A conquered Earth
The Resisty

The Resisty

The Resisty is a group of aliens led by a Vortian (flying a Vort ship) who have chosen to resist the mighty Irken Empire. They show up in the episode Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars.

If you think that Resisty is a poor name for the group, you would agree with their leader. Unfortunately, they're committed to it now, though, so you have to hope they make the best of it. And it IS better than The Pirate Monkeys.

Their initial foray into resistance was poorly planned but really went better than I think they expected.

They made contact with the Almighty Tallest (who denigrated their name too) and right as the Massive is about to vaporize them Zim takes remote control of it and begins trying to fly it to Earth. Of course, while Zim is in control the Irkens are unable to fight back, leaving the Resisty with an incredible opportunity. They use this opportunity to try to blow a hole into the snack storage compartment, but even though they blast away while chasing the Irkens accross the universe (and directly through a star) they never manage to liberate the snacks which they hoped would "feed the revolution."

They DID manage to put some nice graffiti on the back of the Massive, though. Resisty Rocks!


The Resisty's Ship

Eventually, though, the Irkens figured out that Zim was controlling their ship through the power core and they first stole the power core from the Resisty ship and then beamed their compromised power core into the Resisty's ship. With their new remotely controlled power core flying them to Earth (where Zim was going to land the Massive on Dib's head) the Resisty abandon their ship and activate the Shrinky Self-Destruct module.

The Resisty members DO escape in pods, though, and we see them again as customers in The Frycook what came from All that Space.

Resisty Graffiti

3 headed man

3 Headed Man

Lard Nar

The Leader, Lard Nar

Roll Call!


Drooly Blob


Green Eyes

Da Beez!

Da Beez

Floaty Brain






Goatie bug

Goatee Bug




Spleenk goes into a panic




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