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A conquered Earth

Take the Invader Zim character quiz; it is your destiny!

1. What do you want right now?

I wish to prove myself as a worthy Invader!
I want the world to see that paranormal events are real!
I want some taquitos!
I want to be left alone to play my GameSlave 2.
I want my son to abandon his insane ideas to focus on Real Science!
I want to destroy the humans!

2. Who is your archenemy?

Santa Claus!
The Humans!
The children and the principal.
The slaughtering rat people, the Hogulus, Sgt. Hobo678...

3. What is your favorite food?

Bloaty's Pizza. I've never missed a new pizza day.
Whatever I have time for, though I make my kids eat Explodey Beans.
Irken cola and lick-a-sticks. I do not like beans!
Taquitos! Tacos! Burrito! Muffins!
Frankenchokies, Cocosplodies, Poop juice in a box.
I had to eat horrible things to survive!

4. What is your favorite TV show?

Probing the Membrane of Science!
Channel 6 newsclips of Ultra-Peepi
Angry Monkey!
Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery
The show that had vampire bats eating cows.
What's TV?

5. What is your favorite outfit?

Black robes! It keeps the sun off.
Black, purple - anything dark as long as it shows off my skull necklace.
Anything I need to wear to blend in.
A green dogsuit
Pure, academic white labcoats.
A slightly stained Invader uniform.

6. Who does your evil bidding?

No one. I have to do it myself.
I have an entire class of children under my powers...
Rubber piggies!
A robotic slave of my own!
A small security army of armed toys trained to feed on human flesh.
I have many scientists who work for me.

7. What is your favorite conveyance?

I travel via a Voot Cruiser...when the Tallest haven't fired me out of a cannon.
I hitch rides with pretty girls.
I need no vehicle - I can meld into the shadows and pop out where I'm least expected.
I have many vehicles including a jet-powered robot.
I once used a scooter to chase down a minivan.
Tak's ship...once I fix it.

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