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Poop Can

Poop Cola

Poop Cola is a ubiquitious product in the Invader Zim universe. It seems to be modeled after Coke or Pepsi and is often used in the series to mock actual human behavior and corporate marketing techniques. The great Poop flavor comes in a wide variety of product too - not just sodas.

Poop cola is available in many flavors - when Poop is requested from The Krazy Taco drive through they will ask you if you want Poop, Classic Poop, Diet Poop or Cherry Poop.

Poop is usually seen in Poop Cans being drunk by humans (and occasionally holographic Poop cans manage to distract GIR when he's supposed to attack the holographic Big-Head Boy, and at least once a Poop can was implanted into someone's head instead of a brain).

Many of the characters are shown partaking of Poop including Dib, Gaz, and occasionally even Zim...

As you can see in these pictures Poop is also available in boxes, Breakfast Poop cartons and in candy bars. The actual Poop content of the Poop Candy bars is small since the bars are actually made of sawdust.

Poop in a box
Given the appearance of the container it would seem that Breakfast Poop is actually orange juice. The Poop in a box above would really only work with juice or something uncarbonated - so I'm guessing that Poop makes more than soda. Of course, given the advances that regularly occur in beverage technology I suppose it's entirely possible that they can make cola in a box with no problems.

Poop candy

Poop Dog

Poop Cola (and candy) is aggressively marketed by Poop Dog, a rapping corporate mascot who appears as a ganster spectre of defeat if you don't sell as much Poop candy as your peers.

Ganster Spectre of Defeat.

Although he falls victim to the promise of a mystery prize and is compelled to sell Poop candy, Zim of course is the one character who is not usually seen partaking of Poop - unless this is Irken Poop in this shot. You can plainly see an Irken logo on the can so I suppose he brought it with him from Foodcourtia.

(not to mention the fact that Zim hates human food and has a painful and violent reaction to water).

We DO see Zim drinking actual Poop though - check it out below:

Irken Cola

Zim with Poop Cola?

This shot is from the end of Tak: The Hideous New Girl. Is Zim drinking Poop? The next frame in this sequence shows Zim turning to the right and you see an Irken invader logo on the bottom of the can. Does this mean that Poop is an Irken product? Is Poop an insidious corporate scheme to take over the Earth or weaken it for eventual conquest? We may never know...if we're lucky. I think it's probably just an Easter Egg or a mistake - either way it's kind of interesting.

Zim with Irken Poop

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