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The Irken Pak

The Irken Pak is a wonder of technology. Each Irken Smeet has a pack surgically grafted to their spine seconds after they're hatched and the Pak both downloads the knowledge of all Irkens into each member of the race and stores all the personality and knowledge of each Irken to be added back into the collective. Each Pak is coded for a specific job - For example, Zim's Pak has been coded for food service since he was banished to Foodcourtia.

Beyond that - each Pak comes with some great tools!

Organ Stealer

Organ Stealing Device

This device was used in Dark Harvest to take organs out of humans and replaced them with objects Zim had at hand. It seems to be a short-range teleporter of some sort.

Binoculars / Night Vision Goggles / Telescope

Zim periodically uses his binoculars / night vision goggles to get a better look at his enemies. The entire helmet is contained within the Pak until the Irken wants to use it.

Irken Binoculars

Spider Legs 

Spider Legs

Zim uses the spider legs from the Pak more often than the other tools. With the spider leg attachments the Irkens can move faster and over worse terrain than they otherwise would be able to navigate, and they come in handy when you're too short to sit on the sofa too.



The Communications attachment allows the Irken to stay in touch with others wherever they may be. Zim uses his communicator attachment to yell at GIR pretty frequently.


Cutting Torches

Each Pak has 4 cutting / welding torches which can be used to open doors, cut through walls or otherwise allow an Irken an egress. It isn't really clear but it seems like the torches are at the end of the spider legs.


Space suit

The Pak has everything that an Irken will need to survive in a hostile environment - including a spacesuit and helmet.


Force Field

It's only been seen once (in Plague of Babies) but it seems that the Pak has the ability to create a forcefield around the Irken and propel him along.



Finally, the Pak has the ability to reactivate or rejuvenate an Irken which has been afflicted with crippling stupidity.

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