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A conquered Earth
Operation Impending Doom II

Operation Impending Doom II

After the untimely failure of Operation Impending Doom, the mighty Irken Empire found itself with nothing to do and hence Operation Impending Doom II was born. While Operation Impending Doom itself seemed to be a very heavily military operation, Operation Impending Doom II sought to use stealth, espionage and sabotage as paths to conquest - as such the Irkens send their elite warriors, the Invaders out one to a planet to infiltrate the indigenous peoples and to weaken that planet's defenses.

We get to see the very beginning of Operation Impending Doom II in The Nightmare Begins as the Almighty Tallest bring the Irken citizens together on Conventia for The Great Assigning where the Invaders are assigned their target planets. Zim himself is not invited to The Great Assigning as he was not supposed to be participating in OID II, but he hears of the event and escapes his exile on Foodcourtia and begs the Tallest until they agree to assign him to a planet.

Over the course of the show we see that OID II is in fact quite successful. In the course of OID II Invader Skoodge conquers planet Blortch, Invader Larb conquers planet Vort and Invader Tenn (and some malfunctioning SIR units) destroy most of planet Meekrob. OID II is so successful, in fact, that a group of well-meaning aliens banded together to resist the Irkens - the Resisty.

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