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A conquered Earth

The Irken Military

The Irken Military has a wide variety of equipment and personnel all designed to subjugate their doomed enemies. This page shows some of their equipment. Why are they letting you see their secret tools of war? Because it won't matter! The Irken Armada is so mighty that it cannot be stopped or resisted!

Prepare your bladder for imminent release!

Irken Warriors:

Flying Commandos of Doom!

Irken Flying Commandos of Doom!

Flying Elite Commandos of Doom!

These little guys showed up in Battle of the Planets. They seem to be an elite personal guard for The Almighty Tallest.

They were in attendance at a large gathering of the Irken Army inside the Massive. When Almighty Tallest Purple decreed that the guy who didn't remember how Zim had messed up Operation Impending Doom I should be thrown out the airlock, they swooped down and grabbed someone else and threw HIM out the airlock instead. Oops...but I think they made their point, right?

Irken Communicator

Incoming Transmission!

Irken Communicators / Pilots

There are quite a few of these guys in the series. You can consistently see them taking messages for The Almighty Tallest and they seem to make up all of the bridge crew of The Massive. It's kind of interesting - these guys are noticeably bigger than the Invaders but still shorter than the Tallest (by definition, right?). Kinda makes me wonder if the Tallest were originally in this group.


Irken Invaders

See the page dedicated to them here.

Irken Robotics:

Dermis Prowler Security Droid

The Dermis Prowler Security Droid is a robot used by the Irkens to protect their homeworld. They are designed to home in on movement and to attack - and cause intense pain. In The Trial, Zim encounters one of these droids while trying to escape the education chamber and he uses Skoodge as a diversion to help him escape. The damage done to Irk by the droid and Skoodge plunges Irk into 4 years of darkness...an event known now as "Horrible Painful Overload Day part 2".

SIR Unit

SIR Units

SIR Units

The SIR (Standard Information Retrieval) Units are small robots designed to help Invaders subvert their planets. Each SIR Unit has many capabilities - including but not limited to disguise, navigation, combat and thermos.

I always wondered why the SIR Units eat so much. I was always under the impression that robots didn't eat much generally, but the SIR units all seem to have a voracious appetite. Of course, I'm basing that assumption based on observations of GIR and the malfunctioning SIR units which were shipped to Meekrob (and ate everything) in Megadoomer so maybe only malfunctioning SIR units overeat. Who knows?

SIR Unit

Malfunctioning SIR Units are dangerous! Send 'em to Zim!



The Maimbot seems to be one of the staples of the Irken military. Unfortunately, we never really get to see what a Maimbot can do against an opponent since the only times we see one is as a schematic when Zim requests one from the Tallest in Hobo13 and when Zim uses one against a vending machine in Tak: The Hideous New Girl.

The Maimbot

Frontline Battlemech

The Frontline Battle Mech

Frontline Battle Mech or BattleMech 4

This is the huge battle-mech that Zim was assigned to in Operation Impending Doom I. You can see from the control area on the right that the battle-mech required multiple Irkens to pilot and control it, unlike the Megadoomer Stealth Assault Mech shown later in the series.

Unfortunately for Zim (and the Irkens!) Zim was a bit too enthusiastic to begin the reign of destruction with the mech and he ended up destroying all the other Invaders and causing the failure of Operation Impending Doom. For this act he was banished to Foodcourtia.

Mech Pilot

You! Pull some levers!


The Megadoomer!

Megadoomer Stealth Assault Mech

The Megadoomer Stealth Assault Mech is a unique piece of hardware which falls somewhere between robot and vehicle. It is equipped with a powerful cloaking device which allows it to become invisible, a Doom Cannon to smite it's foes and the latest in Irken engineering (actually, Vortian, but what's the difference?)

Unfortunately, the mighty cloaking device only cloaks the robot body, not the pilot and if it's shipped without the battery you'll have to keep it plugged in. It kind of reminds me of Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Still, it's at the top of MY Christmas list.


Zim (not invisible) activates the Megadoomer's (invisible) Doom Cannon

Note the powercord in the back

Irken Vehicles / Starships:

Plasma Armed Battle Tank

We never get to see Plasma Armed Battle tanks in action - but we know they're dangerous because Zim wants one and because the Tallest don't want him to have one. This schematic is from a transmission from Zim to the Tallest at the beginning of Hobo 13.

Death Wave Cannon

Like the Plasma Armed Battle Tanks, we never get to see the Death Wave Cannon in action. I assume that this object is quite formidible by it's name and appearance, though. It's made an honorary spot on my Christmas list.

The Massive

The Massive

The Massive

The Massive is a huge starship which is home to the leaders of the Irken Empire, The Almighty Tallest. It is from the Massive that organic sweeps are launched to remove the last vestiges of life on conquered planets, and it is the Massive which strikes fear into the hearts of all alien races which have hearts.

The Massive is usually shown surrounded by various smaller Irken craft. It was built by Vortian engineers (who are now probably regretting that decision since Vort was conquered by Invader Larb).

It is rumored that the side pods of The Massive are filled with tasty snacks.

The Massive is actually a Bludgeon class fleet leader ship originally designed by Lard Nar, once a Vortian engineer in the employ of the Irken Empire, now leader of the Resisty.

The Voot Cruiser

The Voot Cruiser

The Voot Cruiser is a standard issue military transportation, scouting and combat vehicle. This is the vehicle that Zim takes from Conventia to Earth so it does have some interstellar capabilities.

No, I don't really know what the difference between Voot Runners and Voot Cruisers is.

Coming soon - Spittle Runners, Voot Runners and more!

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