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A conquered Earth

The Irken Invaders

The Irken Invaders are an elite corps trained in stealth, infiltration, subversion and disguise. They are the first wave of the Irken assault on any given planet, moving in with their trusty SIR units to gather information about the inhabitants of target planets. Eventually, the Invaders try to weaken their host to make the world susceptible to invasion and conquering.

Invader Flobee

Invader Flobee is seen here in his ingenious disguise. We never get to see much of Flobee or his targeted planet, but he seems to be doing well since Zim saw him being fanned by multiple rock-men while sitting on a seeming throne here.

Invader Grapa

Invader Grapa is seen here shortly before he becomes Invader Skoodge: conqueror of Blorch. It's good to not be short and ugly, right original Invader Skoodge?

Invader Larb

Invader Larb is a very lucky Irken. He was originally assigned to Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People. When he came before the Tallest, though, they recognized him for his increased height and re-assigned him to planet Vort, home of the universe's most comfortable couch.

Sometime during the course of the series Larb successfully conquered Vort, as we see in Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars.

Invader Skoodge

Invader Skoodge is short, fat and ugly. These traits do little to endear him to his leaders, The Almighty Tallest, and in fact they try to get rid of him several times (first by sending him to Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People, then firing him out of a cannon on the Massive and finally assigning him to Hobo13 for advanced training). Skoodge comes through all his trials with aplomb, though, and actually managed to conquer the Slaughtering Rat People which led to Blorch becoming an Irken parking structure planet.

If the series was allowed to continue Skoodge would have been assigned to 'help' Zim on Earth - a convenient way for the Tallest to get rid of both of them.

Invader Skutch

Zim was derisive of Skutch's invading skills, but you can see that he's doing all right.

Invader Slacks

Invader Slacks was assigned to conquer the large-nostriled people of Boodie-Nen. You can see that he managed to create a good disguise, but by failing to anticipate the Tallest's puppetulary requests he earned a pummelling on Probing Day.


Invader Spleen

We really don't see Invader Spleen after The Great Assigning, but we can assume he's doing quite well since he's obviously taller than the other invaders.

Invader Stink

Invader Stink was a relatively poor performer at the Invader Academy on Devastis, buy you can see here that he's earned a break after subverting a population of infidels.


Tak was studying to become an invader and was about to take her final qualification exam when Zim knocked power out to half of Devastis (he was using a Maimbot to get snacks out of a vending machine). Tak missed her test and was sent to planet Dirt on a janatorial assignment, but she eventually escaped and traced Zim down to Earth. Tak is also not an official invader now but she's trying to conquer the Earth to prove her worthiness (and Zim's relative worthlessness to The Almighty Tallest).


Invader Tenn

Invader Tenn was assigned to the planet Meekrob and was doing somewhat well until Smikka Smikka Smoodoo switched her Megadoomer package with a box of malfunctioning SIR units destined for Zim. In the end the SIR's had a more destructive affect on Meekrob than anyone would have anticipated...


Zim was an invader during Operation Impending Doom, but his 'successes' in this operation got him banished to Foodcourtia and promultaged the necessity of Operation Impending Doom II. He's no longer really an official invader, but he tries hard, and that's what counts, right?

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