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A conquered Earth

Zim's House / Base...coming soon

Zim's house was created by a small Irken device which created the building from Zim's rough sketch. Interestingly enough, from the opening sequence it appears that the only solid part of the house is the couch and the floor under the upper level (where the Voot Cruiser lands) and the walls are illusionary. Since the sketch was based on what Zim and GIR had observed as they flew over the town the house has some interesting decorations - including the yard gnomes, the flamingos, the "I heart Earth" sign and the mens room door.

The lawn gnomes are actually a defensive device - the gnomes have sensors and lasers built into them and they seek to destroy strangers who intrude upon Zim. The house is powered (and presumably attached to the phone system) by the large cables which penetrate the neighboring buildings.

The Tunnels

The first floor of the house seems to contain a living room with a couch and TV and a kitchen with a toilet which leads below. The upstairs area opens up along the jagged seam to allow the Voot Cruiser to fly out. Beneath the house is the meat of Zim's base - the laboratory, teleporters, computer and equipment storage.

Zim's Living Room
I'm not sure what the relevance of the green monkey painting above the sofa is, but the monkey is a recurring character. There are green monkey statues in the hallways and there was a green monkey on one of the flying video screens that we see in The Nightmare Begins - perhaps the green monkey is a figure of Irken religion or political significance...or perhaps one of the artists / writers / animators just liked the way that it looked and chose to add it to the series. (the monkey showed up in the first Invader Zim made - the Pilot.

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