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A conquered Earth

The Irkens are hurrying to Conventia for The Great Assigning

The Great Assigning

The Great Assigning is a huge meeting of Irkens which kicks off large military operations. The pictures and most of the text here refer to The Great Assigning which kicked off Operation Impending Doom II during The Nightmare Begins.

The Great Assigning was held on planet Conventia. The Almighty Tallest invited nearly all the Irken military to the event (as you can see from the crowd below) to witness the assigning of the elite Invaders to their target planets. It was quite a fantastic spectacle overall featuring hovering platforms, holographic maps and of course cool lasers. The Invaders were arrayed in a semi-circle behind the Tallest's podium in front of the galactic map.

Everything was going well and according to plan until Zim showed up (he wasn't invited...at all). Zim begged and pleaded with the Tallest until they agreed to send him to invade a planet and then we get to see the rest of the Great Assigning - the crowd was given nachos and each Invader was given a SIR unit to aid their conquest. Zim was given GIR, a SIR unit made of spare parts assembled by Almighty Tallest Red himself.

After the Great Assigning the Invaders dispersed to their targets but most of the other Irkens moved to the Massive - the command ship of the Irken Armada. We see in a few later episodes that there is room in the Massive for meetings as large as The Great Assigning so I have to assume they used Conventia for it's snack potential and the cool lasers.

The Great Assigning

Is it just me, or does Skoodge look a bit nervous here?

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