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A conquered Earth

The Alien Races of Invader Zim

There are many alien races listed and shown in the Universe of Invader Zim. I hope to have screen shots and a short writeup of all of them as soon as possible.

The Mighty Irken Race!

Zim is an Irken

The Irkens

The mighty Irken Race is destined to eventually conquer the universe. For more information on our eventual diminutive green overlords see the Irken Empire, Irken Pak, Irken Physiology and Irken Sociology pages.

For more information on the mighty Irken military which will soon be showing up to conquer you, visit the Irken Military page.

The Meekrob
The Meekrob

The Meekrob

The Meekrob are a race who oppose the Irkens - we only really see them here in a hallucination created by Zim so we really don't know if this is an accurate representation or not.

The Meekrob definately DO exist, though - we see Invader Tenn trying to conquer them in Megadoomer. Or at least they DID exist before she received the malfunctioning SIR units...

The word Meekrob is also an allusion - Meekrob was the food that Filler Bunny is forced to eat in Jhonen Vazquez's comics.

Also the Meekrob

Or is this their true form?



The Nhar-Gh'ok are an alien race which normally look exactly like human babies, but at times they take on the more menacing look to the right. They are quick and resourceful creatures and despite their appearance they shouldn't be taken lightly.

Among their other abilities like vomiting acidic spittle and creating horrible smells to defend themselves, groups of Nhar-Gh'ok can combine into a single Giganto-Baby.


These guys are scary!

Planet Jackers

Nik and Oog-Ah, Planet Jackers

Planet Jackers

The Planetjackers homeworld orbits a dying sun, so to keep it going they travel throughout the galaxy stealing other planets to feed to it. They enclose the target planet in a giant sphere with TV screens on the inside to the inhabitants don't know they've been 'jacked until it's too late.

Ironically, Zim SAVED the Earth from the Planet Jackers.


Plookesians Mooshy and Ploopti


The Plookesians are a peaceful and intelligent species of travelers. These two, Mooshy and Ploopti, were lured to Earth by a false distress signal sent by Dib and Mr. Dwicky. They offered to give Mr. Dwicky a tour of the cosmos and gave Zim some superweapons...both of which caused no end of consternation for Dib.

It is never revealed in the series where the Plookesians are from, though I'm assuming it is called Plookesia.




I don't know what the race that Smikka Smikka Smoodoo belongs to is called but it is obviously alien (though other Zim sites refer to him as a "Screwhead" for obvious reasons). His race has been conquered and his planet has been converted into a galactic shipping hub.

Smikka himself seeks to inspire his fellow slaves / shippers to rebel, but so far the farthest they have gone is to switch labels on packages.

I don't know if the big screw in Smikka's head is indemic to his species or if it was imposed by the Irkens. It looks very similar to the brain probe Zim uses to monitor Nick's happiness center and to the probe that Zim used to help control the emotions of the Santa suit. Perhaps all species subverted by the Irkens are subjected to brain probing to make them more controllable.

The Slaughtering Rat People

Have a nice day, Larb!

Slaughtering Rat People

The Slaughtering Rat People of Planet Blorch don't seem to be too technically or culturally advanced. They are so horrible, in fact, the the Almighty Tallest chose to give Blorch to Invader Skoodge as a sort of punishment. To their surprise and dismay, though, Skoodge actually managed to conquer the Rat People and Blorch was turned into an Irken parking structure planet.

The last we see of them the Rat People are scurrying about looking for cover as the Irken Armada engaged in their genocidal 'Organic Sweep' of the planet.


Lard Nar of the Vortians


The Vortians are an industrious and creative race. Their engineers designed The Massive and much of the other Irken military equipment, but to show their softer side they also created the Universe's most comfortable couch.

Planet Vort was conquered by Invader Larb during the invasion and now there are pockets of Vortian resistance to the Empire. Lard Nar, with a mask on at left, is one such intrepid Vortian seeking to free up snacks to feed the growing revolution.

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